Safety & Security Glass

Safety & Security Glass

Extra Strength and Safe Breaking (if occurs)

Safety glass is glass that has undergone treatment to have additional safety features that make it less probable to break and in the event of  accidental breakage the risk of injury can be significantly reduced as it won’t fracture into dangerous shards.

As a general guide you must use safety glass in:

  •  all glass doors
  •  bathrooms
  •  Roof glass, canopy or skylight
  •  door side panels
  •  around stairs
  •  areas that can be mistaken for openings (e.g. full height glass)
  •  low level glass (e.g. Balcony glass, swimming pool glass fence)

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While these are the minimum areas that require safety glass you may want to consider using it in additional spaces, especially where children are roam around.


Types of safety glass

There are two types of safety glass available – toughened/tempered  and laminated glass. Alternatively, glass safety film can be applied to existing windows and glass areas. While laminated glass, toughened glass and window film can all be used, it’s worth selecting the most appropriate one to meet your needs.