Glass Wall for Interior

Glass Wall for Interior

Let interior glass walls reflect light and give beautiful illumination to your home

Interior glass walls, also known as glass divider, glass partition and glass screens are a non-structural space divider that divide your space without restricting your view increasing the feeling of spaciousness. Glass wall offers free flow of light and creates an illusion of space making strong statement to your house. Glass walls can be placed or installed anywhere. Glass wall designs can have many effects from being transparent, opaque, colorful, decorative or being textured art glass and many more as different styles of the glass walls create the different atmospheres.

CMY Holding - 03

Glass wall that slides open at all sides surrounding a koi fish pond and merging the entire space.



Partition glass wall acts as safety barriers for this apartment.


MIEC - Langkawi - 14

Floor to ceiling glass wall allows unobstructed views.