Modern Glass Trends

Modern Glass Trends

Homeowners Go Big on Glass

Modern structures nowadays focus on simplicity, open spaces and functionality. Large glass panes in various styles and full wall height glasses are commonly used to create open and airy space with an abundance of natural light whilst providing views in every room. Together with open floor plan and glass partitions, views can be enjoyed throughout both  the interior space and exterior .


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Glass is the only material that offers flexibility, functional and beauty without visual or physical drawbacks on the original architecture.

Modern architectural glazing and custom glass structural applications are where the glass itself is taking an element of the structural loads are increasingly popular. Frameless glass installation uses glass designed to fit together without a frame, creating a beautiful and open feel whilst meeting all technical and structural requirements.

With glass structures and structural glass extensions customize metalwork and framing are specified together with safety and glass options.  Art glass finishes for any designs can be done onto the glass or using colour glass or sand-blasted glass finishes for style, visual obscurity or to provide a diffuse light to achieving the design scheme.