Exterior Glass

Exterior Glass

Making Impact with Your External Look

Using exterior glass  reflex  modern taste as glass has natural transparency and unique aesthetics.  Exterior glass offer many  functional solutions and a  diverse exterior  looks that  bring distinctive beauty to your building.

External glazing and architectural glass can be use for all the applications below:

  • Full-height glass walls and glass façade
  • Glass roof
  • Glass gate
  • Glass door & window glass
  • Glass for balcony
  • Glass for entrances/ canopy
  • Color Wall glass paneling
  • Decorative glass panel
  • Office / hotel entrances

Najib Christina 056

  • IMG_0806

    Now you can still have your privacy with lightness

    Langkawi - 04

    head up and the sky is blue

    UiTM 11

    Aluminium cladded full heights entrance glass

    UiTM 14

    color wall for the foyer area

    David Cheong - 03

    glass gate

(Sandblasted 2 storey house large glass wall is the main source of light for the living area.)