Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops

Glass for table top gives a unique look by reflecting light and color whilst adding a clean surface look to the table top.

Table top glass can range from clear glass,  patterned and color glass.  Custom etched & carved designs are also often used as designs for table tops. Glass for table tops is easy to not just to install, but to maintain as well. It is also resistant to moisture and scratches, making it more durable.  Glass table can be an end table, coffee table, dining table, console, desk, game table, conference table and many more.

If you have a base or legs made of cement columns, tubular steel, wooden box, glass table base or something that is designed to hold a piece of glass on top of it, it is a glass table. Glass table tops are designed to hang over edges and span small distances with no support.

Glass Protector Table Tops  is proven, long lasting technology to protect an existing wood, metal or other non-glass surface from water spots or scratches. Glass Protector Tops are designed to lie flat on top of an entirely flat surface with no overhang. Custom cut glass table tops often can be  in a variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes often use cut-out/template of the shape in order for us to fabricate it.



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