Noise Reduction Window Glass

Noise Reduction Window Glass

The outside world is loud but your home doesn’t have to be

Ordinary glass commonly used in windows and doors. This does little to keep out unwanted noise. However now you can have the option of changing it into sound control windows that deliver excellent noise reduction.

A combination of Laminated glass that provides good acoustic performance compared to ordinary glass with High Performance Aluminum as quality framing for the windows and doors will definitely reduce the amount of noise that gets inside.

Sound control Doors & Windows are custom made to your home’s exact specifications and together with tighter seal against the window frames, wall and ceiling which will further cut out noise transmission and creating a super quiet, relaxing and low stress home environment for you.

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This is what some of our clients said:

Their punctuality, professionalism and speedy action on installing the powder coated performance aluminium frame with laminated glass within 1 ½ days to my unit facing the highway were most appreciated. We now have good night sleep minus the sound from vehicles ramming up the highway after the installation!!!

Thanks once again.”

Mrs. Gan

July 2013

When I moved to a new condo, it was fine except for a lot of noise coming in from outside. I decided to get soundproof double glazed windows to solve the problem. I was recommended Glassnetwork by some people who were happy with their service.

I met the company representative, and he was very professional and gave me a feeling that I was in good hands. After taking the necessary measurements in my house and the next week installed the high-tech glass and customised frames.

The result was fantastic – a 90% reduction in the noise from the outside.

The team at Glassnetwork are true professionals who deliver quality with good service and reliablility. I am very impressed – and very satisfied with their service and products.

Thank you Glassnetwork!”

Erik Fearn

March 2012