Functional Glass furniture

Functional Glass furniture

Beauty and function all at one

Glass furniture offer an innovative solution that isn’t just versatile, it’s also great to look at. Glass gives a unique look to the furniture by reflecting light and color. The glass components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines and maximize the items being displayed.

The process of bonding glass furniture using adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light. UV Bonding is a system allows glass to be bonded directly to glass. The finished bond is crystal clear or highly transparent  and creates a joint stronger than the materials joined.

The extensive expertly UV bond and assemble display cases and custom pieces can be made into:

  • Glass Shelving
  • Glass Show Cases
  • Glass Cabinet Door
  • Glass Display Cabinets
  • Bonded Mirror
  • Glass Coffee Table
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Glass Counter Top
  • Glass Lazy Susan
  • Glass wardrobe /¬† cupboard door
  • Glass table
  • Display Cabinet
  • Display shelves
DatoRamasamy 23

translucent glass table box that create ambiance lighting to the room

Joshua 02

Need to display your shoes collections..



Glass table top bring out the feature in the room

special 058

Lazy susan with restaurant identity

Glass Table (Helen How)

you can customsize your dining table.. however long you want it to be..