Noise Control Glass

Noise Control Glass

Glass selection to reduce noise

No matter where noise comes from, a busy highway, railways, trains or factories, noise is all around. To achieve noise reduction you must disrupt the sound waves as they travel through the windows and glass.

How it works

Glass controls noise by:

Reflecting the noise back towards the source, and
Absorbing the noise energy within the glass.

The careful and considered selection of glass can be crucial in helping to reduce noise level.

Selection of glass to reduce noise:

·        Thicker glass – Sound waves drop when they travel through higher density glass. Good to reduce noise from highways and cars passing through your neighborhood.

·        Laminated glass – The vinyl interlayer between two panes of glass will have a dampening effect on the sound waves.

Double glazing glass – Can achieve significant sound wave disruption with an air gap between the panes of glass. Also acts as a good way to insulate your home from the weather.

·        Secondary window –  An interior window with an air space of at least 100mm and acts as a cavity to improve noise cancelation