Use glass to brightens your home

Use glass to brightens your home

Get more spacious and light

Modern architecture calls for open and free living spaces. This requirement can optimally be met with glass that make spaces more transparent, brighter and larger. Glass exterior walls, floor to ceiling glass or full glass wall brightens the room by Increasing the amount of light in as well as visually enhance the space in the room thus creating a feeling of airy and spaciousness. The transparence qualities glass is a great material for making interior space dividers in small homes. A room divided by clear glass walls doesn’t feel boxy and confined.

Ways to glass to bring in natural light :

  • Staircase/ balustrade
  • Glass panel to staircase
  • Glass floor to second floor, walking on glass
  • Glass room
  • Glass partition wall
  • Glass roofs bring natural light into your home and impart spaciousness
  • Glass slider
  • Mirror wall
Palazio 10

Full glass panels lets all the light and view in

Raj - 01

Full height wall glass instead of wall allows natural light in


Transparent staircase glass


Mirror offer reflection of natural light

Big sliding glass door becomes the wall of your home.