Glass for the home

Glass for the home

Some Ways to Use Glass to Decorate Your Home

The use of glass in home décor can be both functional and decorative. The most remarkable feature possessed by glass is that opens up space, encourage flow of natural light and brightening any interior space. Open floor plan is popular nowadays, where the all functional rooms flow together without any walls.You can make glass partition between functional rooms. Glass room divider or glass wall creates an illusion of space.

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Glass staircase allow seamless view for the entire living space.


If you wish to retain privacy then you may use colored glass pieces, texture glass or decorative glass.



Large framed mirror serve both functions of beauty and enlarge any small space

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Reflective element in the beauty of glass

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Colored glass pieces, texture glass or decorative glass are many ways you can adds to your personal styles.


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Mirrors in home decor, especially oversized mirrors, are assets when positioned to accentuate your home’s best features.

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Basically wall glass doesn’t block the view and whatever is outside that wall becomes part of the room’s decor. You can put in designs that add some privacy or full privacy.

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Glass shelves come in many different styles. Display cases show off collectibles elegantly.


glass table with mirror wall