Glass Door

Glass Door

Using glass doors to let light flood into your home for a bright and comfortable natural environment.

Modern designs houses demand for look through glass entry way or all glass entrance for a greater and grander entrance to the house.  Glass doors can be placed between the dining room and kitchen, as a study room entrance, separates the bathroom from a walk in wardrobe, patio door or even as exterior doors to you backyard and many more.

These contemporary frameless/frame glass doors are of the same size as standard doors, so you can simply replace your existing doors with no trouble. You can custom design your glass door that can really let you express yourself and make your home your own


Frosted glass door offer some privacy

Tan Sri Noor - 01

Texture glass design front entry glass double door


Aluminium framed balcony glass door

Morgan - Sentul - 12

Stained lined glass bathroom glass door