glass special effects

glass special effects

Making  different impact with different effects on glass

Glass can be  custom-crafted and locally made which will add color, sparkle and value to your home, garden or business.

The different  effect can be made on glass are :

1. background

2. color or no color

3. design complexity

4. privacy level

5. etched , carved or leaded stain glass


Frosted / sandblasted glass


Glass can be uniformly sandblasted to create a solid frosted look. It is commonly used in everything from shower rooms to conference room. For more decorative frosting patterns, glass can be etched deeper.

Glass film



A cheaper, alternative is glass film. A wide variety of films can easily be stuck to windows for a patterned or uniform frosted appearance.

Stained and Leaded art glass

Madam Raja - 09a

The most famous types of leaded glass are the stained glass windows in religious places like churches and cathedrals. Stained glass can also be a simple, solid color in a pattern. However, the small pieces and the nature of the glass usually make it hard to see through leaded glass.

Painted  glass 


Ceramic fit glass



This process involves screen printing ceramic frit paint onto the glass and fusing it onto the surface during the toughening or heat strengthening process. The result is a tough decorative glass.

Smart glass:

An advanced technology allows privacy glass that can alternate between translucent and transparent. The glass has an embedded layer of liquid crystal molecules that disperse light and obscure the glass but still allow light to pass. However, at the flick of a switch, the liquid crystals will align themselves to allow a clear view.