Frameless glass

Frameless glass

Easy way to bring outside in

The increasing trend of integrating both indoor living space with the great outdoors are archieved by using glass for unobstructed view and  the  feeling of ‘living outdoors’.  Frameless glass can define space and create openness as it bring in light and spaciousness.

Glass partition wall, frameless glass facade, sliding glass wall, balcony glass,  balustrade and glass fence are popular living glass choices.

Often  8mm or 10mm toughened glass which are five time stronger than normal glass are used to ensure safety.

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Frameless glass Balcony and balustrade
The modern balustrade for interior landings and exterior balconies and frameless glass railings for terraces, balconies, decking and stairs.



Frame less glass shower gives a much cleaner, more streamlined, modern, minimalist look to your bath or shower room.



Frameless glass fence

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Frameless side glass bring in light

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Frameless canopy cover your side walk way

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Frameless first floor landing glass gives the full view of the house


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Frameless room partition slider glass