Working with a Glass Installer

Working with a Glass Installer

Getting it right

Initial Design & Requirements
When bringing any of your glass or mirror project whether  is big or small, an experienced glass professional would listen carefully to you and find out what your needs are and understand the end results you desire.
To meet your need, most glass work do not have standard product pricing as most work are unique with customization. Therefore require individual pricing depending on glass size, style, and additional metal materials needed to meet the design specifications.
A  price quote will  outline the  details costs for materials and labor.

Site Visit and Evaluation.
Site visit are common to perform a detailed site evaluation for more details specification and site work condition.
Measuring tools, including laser levels are used to record the exact measurement for the final shop drawing and assessing construction schedule.

Project Confirmation Details
Upon confirmation, where the timeline for completing the work will be agreed upon with  the final selected design  and the glass work will be built accordingly with final coordination on delivery.
If changes or modifications are necessary that are beyond the scope of the original design specification, information will be communicated to you. A glass professional will maintain thorough communications with you from start to finish so you will enjoy peace of mind which can make the project more enjoyable for you.

Turning your Vision into a Reality
When the first 3 steps are in order, you will  certainly enjoy the beauty of living.