Glass for Restaurants

Glass for Restaurants

Interior design plays a big part in getting customers to come in for restaurants along with good food and great service. Is important to create a welcoming and inviting ambiance for the diners.

Glass commonly use in designing lay outs of  restaurants as  it can offers as private dining spaces, act as a space divider, booth partition, glass rack, glass shelves, serving tables, restaurant wall partition and bar counter. Glass can accentuate lighting ambiance as it bounces light back. Glass is a durable material that is almost maintenance free and is easy to keep it looking new.


A special design sticker for the fridge glass door



A stylish mixture of wood and glass wall

Leaded Art

Elegant leaded art glass helps to create great dining ambiance

Club Med - 04

Glass shelves serve as cutlery storage and attract visual attention


Color glass wall adds coziness and elegance in the private dining room


Special stacked glass feature welcome the diners