Partition Glass Wall

Partition Glass Wall

A simplistic approach to dividing spaces

Glass  wall panel is sleek, extensive and with  well selected line of contemporary hardware systems so you now can create colorful contrasts, integrate designs,  corporate logo, privacy frosted or  transparent partitions – every option is available to you with glass for office, shops,  meeting room, hall, bathroom etc. The total number of panels in your wall opening depends on your design and the combination of panel height, width and glazing.

Tenny - G-Tower - 11

Using opaque glass wall to create sense of lightness.


You can enjoy the full view of your outdoor water garden.

Allianz - 02

Integral Wall Partitions Systems for offices

Deepa 02

Glass wall allows natural lights to fully saturates the house.


CMY Holding - 03

Enjoy the best of both worlds: a room with a view that opens to the outdoors yet gives you the peace of mind with weather resistant.