Glass Fabrication

Glass Fabrication

Making the perfect glass

Glass fabrication work is making glass into custom made product to be fix or install at any given location.

There are various processes involved in glass fabrication work  like location measurement, preparing fabrication drawing and cutting the glass slabs as per glass fabrication drawing.  All prepared according to the various dimensions, openings, glass shape and designs of any space.

Toughened glass or safety glass are architectural glass and is most commonly fabricated to give best safety measures when it comes to accidental breakage as it scatters like crystals and will not be hazardous as shards in normal float glass. A process of toughening for the glass at the temperature of 1700 degree will convert normal glass in to strength glass / toughened glass.

Glass fabrication process takes minimum of 2-3 days to fabricate the glass to have well finished and quality checked end product.

roof glass top

An assortment of fabrication techniques are used on glass, including cutting, grinding, drilling, edge work, polishing and bending.

All the thickness of glasses can be fabricated and supplied with the help of highly equipped machines. Glass demand extreme precision, and surface tolerances must be exact in order for components to glass to function as desired.

Various technical aspects and technology is used for  the different types of glass fabrication like laminated glass fabrication, double-glazing glass fabrication as well as designs on glass fabrication all in accordance to architectural scope to creating and meeting the perfect design for both interior and exterior use.