How to keep glass looking beautiful

How to keep glass looking beautiful

Glass do not require any difficult maintenance to keep them beautiful.

Clean and shiny glass makes any home look and feel fresh. Glass  do not need to be sanded or painted and they are mildew resistant. They are very durable and all you need to do to keep them shiny and clear is clean them with a rag and glass cleaner follow by clean water and  your glass surfaces will be clean and shiny.

Avoid using any abrasive cleaner. Do not use hard brushes, razor blade or any sharp object which may scratch the coating or glass. A mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle can be used in place of the glass cleaner.

To clean and remove stains from your glass tabletop, rub the tabletop with lemon juice. If this does not help, then rub the marks with toothpaste before cleaning it.

For shower screen, the best way to keep them clean is to prevent those water spots that may occur. The way to do this is to wipe down or squeegee the doors after each use to help get rid of excess water.

The only time that major maintenance may be needed is when the glass gets cracked or broken.