Glass Roof Skylight

Glass Roof Skylight

Seeing the sky above

Glass roof or skylight allows natural light comes in freely thus significantly saving energy and hence cost with ‘day-lighting’. Glass roofs can be designed in any shape or size – from the normal square flat roof to slanted apex and triangle roofs.
Now glass technology enable roof top glass that has improved solar control, can reflect the heat from the sun and even self cleaning. Glass roof often makes less noise when it rains so you can have a more relaxing, quiet and peaceful environment.

Glass skylight is popular for commercial and residential use and often custom made to technical specifications from designing, building and installing.


Replacing part of the roof to glass brightens the entire interior.


roof glass top

photo 5

Glass roof acts as a sky light well for this home.

Charchoal Restaurant 09

Restaurant saturates with natural lights offer the diners a more relax ambiance.