Infinity Swimming Pool Edge Wall Glass

Infinity Swimming Pool Edge Wall Glass

Glass pool wall for breathtaking views

Infinity swimming pools are surely the most beautiful man-made pools that offer a gorgeous backdrop view as it create a visual effect of water extending to the horizon making it truly stunning.
Infinity pools are often built with a glass edge wall or surrounded by a glass wall where it is visually blended with the water and sky views or sometimes with an overflowing waterfall creating the infinity feel of the swimming pool and providing an exciting swimming experience.
Many modern hotels, resorts, villas and high end residents often request these pools design. It requires extensive structural, mechanical and architectural detailing and glass specialty contractor essential to achieving the perfect effect.

Pool 11

The roof top pool with a clear glass wall that let you enjoy the view as you swim.

Pool 17.1

Glass pool fence


Edgeless pool

Pool 33

A glass wall at the edge of an infinity pool doubles as a water feature view from the other side.