Tips for Successful Renovations

Tips for Successful Renovations

Working productively with glass contractor/ glass supplier

Glass work is a very specialized field much like the electrical trade, and as such should be left to the professionals. Safety is the primary responsibility not only while installing glass but also for the long term safety of the installation.

To ensure any glass work is done properly when undertaking renovations projects it is important to start with good planning and understanding to achieve completion on time, on budget, and with high quality results.

These guidelines will help you plan the work and work the plan. When requesting advice for the specification of appropriate glass from the architect, designer or glazier, you start by making your design goals clear and how the glass application piece interacts with its entire space or design.

In developing design for glass applications is best to start with answering the following questions:

1. Primary and secondary functions or usage of the glass application for the space ,

2. If it’s an indoor or outdoor application,

3. If it is a walkable surface on non-slip security issues.

4. If it has a public or private use, or if it requires a higher resistance ,

5. If it needs maximum brightness and opacity, or softness to the touch or more texture,

6. What other processes will it require (eg laminated)

7. And if looking for a specific or custom design?

8. Your budget, your time line?

The ability to recognize your needs and fulfill all your glass applications requirements is half a battle won. A good glass company will be able to work well with you to satisfy all your requirements by having the experience and providing you with the technical know how in all facets of glass work and the ability to provide custom solutions as require.

By keeping communication constant in all stages of project from initial idea to design and installation will ensure timely completion, you know you are dealing with a skilled glass specialist company.