Glass Price

Glass Price

Why does cost vary in your price quotations?

Glass can be quoted widely different prices for the same use from different glass contractor. This price variation can be significant because quality and level of service differs. The reason for this is glass is not a finished product or a brand name product.

Glass is normally specify and custom made to fit into your space for specific requirement and to ensure design , installation meet with the safety, security and functionality criterias.
When selected glass products is specified, these are the factors that affect the final costing.

1. Type of glass and mirror used
2. The variety of thickness of glass for strength
3. Glass processing require for safety use
4. The different glass configuration, variations and CNC machine shape glass
5. Hardware in structural support   such as metal, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and wood carpentry
6. Architectural fittings choices ie handles, hinges, clamps, posts, bolts and glass accessories
7. Polishing, edging ,bevelling, notching, glass cut out, holes and finishes onto glass panels
8. Add-on with a variety designs, sandblasting, stained leaded art, textured, color art glass.
9. Methods of installation, fitting methods, cladding and their complexity
10. Precision finish with glass UV bonding, templating, wood backing, puzzle design
11. Site Location and accessibility

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