Why Use Double Glazing Glass Window?

Why Use Double Glazing Glass Window?

To improve the quality in home & work environment

Double Glazed Glass consists of two panes of glass with a void in the middle  and it seals together as one unit which is then inserted into your windows & doors frame.

Unlike double glazed glass, single glazed doors and windows waste a lot of energy. When windows are closed during the day  it is often not comfortable as it will feel hot in the room,  people often think the window is not tight but in reality it is usually because the glazing is insufficiently insulated.

Double glazed windows provides you many extra benefits compare to a single piece ordinary glass as it  could keep your home cooler with better insulation, your home becomes quieter as less noise able to transmit through the window. Moreover, added security and protection is another benefit as the glass is very hard to break for an intruder. The glass also provides sun protection or UV protection thus allowing the furnishing in your home to be less discolored by the sun rays.




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