Glass Canopy for Your Home

Glass Canopy for Your Home

Installing a glass canopy

The canopy is designed to protect your windows and prevent rain from coming in. Also, it is to reduce the solar radiation into the house. The canopy acts as a covered and as an attractive focal point to your house entrance. Many modern new owners decisions are on using transparent glass canopy.

Tempered glass with 10 mm thick or another option, tempered laminated glass, the thickness of each side of 5 mm is often used. To ensure that the correct safety installation, a strong frame material that does not corrode easily is chosen as the main support. For example, coated metal materials, hollow stainless steel layer in or wood framed coating wood termites. Installing the canopy frame  has several fixing options like on the wall of the upper windows, point fixings and using tension rods.  Slope and angles for drainage can be created and gutters can be connected to the glass for water drainage.

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